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Frequently asked questions

Is this a legitimate survey?

Central Statistics Office(CSO) surveys are conducted in person.For most surveys, the CSO will publish announcements via newspapers, as well as send emails to inform you about the purpose of the survey and that you might be interviewed and to inform you that an interviewer will communicate with you.

If you have not received such a letter or email, you can verify that the survey is indeed conducted by the Central Statistics Office:

  • by looking up the name of your survey in the list of surveys
  • by verifying that the interviewer carries a photo identification card issued by CSO
  • by contacting Central Statistics Office:

Don’t be surprised if a Central Statistics Office interviewer shows up at your door or contacts you by telephone in the evening or on weekends. To accommodate the respondents’ busy schedules, interviewers works at different times of the day, seven days a week and occasionally on holidays.

How was I selected?

All Dominican households receive a Population and Housing Census questionnaire. For surveys, we select households at random. The majority of CSO surveys are sample surveys. Participants for a sample survey are selected randomly to avoid bias. Once you have been selected for a survey sample, the CSO cannot replace you with anyone else because the sample would no longer be random.

I have participated in a Central Statistics Office survey already. Why did you select me for another one?

This can happen because survey participants are randomly selected. Sometimes, the characteristics we seek from one survey to another can overlap.In some instances, some participants in one survey may be contacted again for a related survey. This practice helps to reduce the time and costs it would take to conduct a new survey each time.

Do I have to participate?

Participation in the Census ( Population and Housing) is mandatory pursuant to the Census and Statistics Act. All households must complete a Census of Population questionnaire.

If the CSO contacts you for the Labour Force Survey, a business survey or an agricultural survey, you are also obligated to participate pursuant to the Census and Statistics Act.

Your participation is important

To ensure the most complete results, it is very important that the people, households, businesses and agricultural operations selected answer the survey questions. Without your co-operation, Central Statistics Office could not produce reliable, essential data.

The information gathered in our surveys has a direct impact on Dominican lives. Moreover, all of your responses are equally important.

Why are businesses and agricultural operations required by law to respond?

Dominicans need accurate and reliable information—the cornerstone for democratic decision making. Through the Census and Statistics Act, Parliament has mandated Central Statistics Office, as the national statistical agency, to produce such information.

Business and agricultural surveys collect important economic information that is used by businesses, unions, non-profit organizations and all levels of government to make informed decisions in many areas.

Because most business and agricultural surveys feed directly or indirectly into legally mandated programs, mandatory participation is required to ensure an adequate response rate as well as reliable results.

How can I confirm an interviewer’s identity?

All interviewers carry photo identification issued by the Central Statistics Office. To verify an interviewer’s identity, you can contact Central Statistics Office by contacting us by :

  • Tel: (767) 266-3400 / 3407
  • Direct message through our  Contact Us  page

How is my privacy and personal information protected?

The Central Statistics Office takes your confidentiality very seriously. Under the Census and Statistics Act, all information provided to CSO will be kept confidential, and used only for statistical purposes.

The Central Statistics Office also cares about the privacy of its respondents. If a respondent knows the interviewer and is uneasy about giving personal information to that person, he or she can be interviewed by another employee..

Your answers are confidential

The Census and Statistics Act protects respondents’ information. The CSO does not release any information that could identify individuals, households, businesses or agricultural operations without their consent, or as authorized by the Census and Statistics Act. We carefully screen final results before releasing them to prevent published statistics from being used to derive information.

The Census and Statistics Act  contains very strict confidentiality provisions that protect collected information from unauthorized access.

All Central Statistics Office employees take an oath of secrecy and face severe penalties for any breach of confidentiality.

Access is strictly controlled

All Central Statistics Office employees are responsible for ensuring the security of confidential information. Only employees who need to view confidential files as part of their duties are authorized to access them. A network of physical security systems and procedures protects confidential information against unauthorized access.

Confidential data are stored and processed on an internal network that is segregated to prevent access by outside “hackers.”

Who uses business survey results?

The business sector benefits directly from the information businesses provide Central Statistics Office. Survey responses are used to compile complete and accurate statistics on many industries and commodities.

Businesses use industry statistics to:

  • track their performance against industry averages;
  • prepare business plans for investors;
  • adjust inflation-indexed contracts;
  • plan marketing strategies and evaluate expansion plans.

Industry associations, business analysts and investors use the data to:

  • establish benchmarks to analyze the economic performance of various industries;
  • understand evolving business environments, such as global communications networks, free trade and new technologies.

Governments use the data when making decisions about:

  • infrastructure investments to promote domestic and international competitiveness;
  • fiscal, monetary and foreign exchange policies;
  • programs and policies to assist businesses;

Who uses household survey results?

The data collected by the Central Statistics Office  is used by a number of people such as:

  • Various levels of Government.
  • Community organizations, Educators and Researchers
  • City planners and policy makers.

How can I access published results from Central Statistics Office?

You will find results under the following sections of the website.

  • Data:  In this section you will find data tables and our Data Request form.
  • Publications: This section provides a number of statistical publications, infographics and our archives.
  • Subjects:  This section gives you access to statistical products by topic.

A large number of statistical products can be downloaded from the website free of charge.

For more information about publications and products: