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We welcome all users to the Central Statistics Office website. We have embraced our mission to provide our users with timely, accurate and reliable socio-economic data. The Central Statistics Office (CSO) is a division within the Ministry of Finance and operates under the Census and Statistics Act No. 17 of 1986.

The main functions of the CSO are to collect, compile, analyze, and publish statistics presenting various aspects of the social and economic conditions of the people of the Commonwealth of Dominica. Our mandate also includes taking appropriate measures to organize and develop the national statistical system capable of meeting effectively the statistical needs of social and economic planning.

In addition to its normal functions, the CSO adopts current regional and international statistical initiatives within its work program. Currently, we have adopted the transformative agenda within the cross-cutting thematic areas of coordination, communication and advocacy, integration, innovation and capacity building thus facilitating and enhancing the production and dissemination of sound and relevant statistics in the most efficient manner. As we may know, there are no limits to the improvisation of statistical reporting therefore presentations will be enhanced from time to time.

Moving forward, we continue to maintain strong partnerships with data users and suppliers with the ultimate goal of producing friendly and efficient statistical services that will meet the needs of users.

The staff at the Dominica Central Statistics Office, welcome you to its new website and invites you to explore the statistical services available. We also extend appreciation to all our data providers and other partners for their continued support.


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